New Euphemism

Charlie, big man that he is, now refers to the toilet as 'Free Parking' and, yes, he does have a Monopoly on it at times.



In an interesting and only somewhat unexpected turn of events, Charlie is being tested tomorrow for the gifted and talented program.

As an educator, I know that gifted education falls under the umbrella of Special Ed and, with kids on the Asperger's end of the autism spectrum, it does happen that they fall into both categories.

It will be interesting to see the results. If he qualifies, this will add to the placement options we'll discuss for next fall:
  • Contained Special Ed Kindergarten
  • Contained Special Ed 1st Grade
  • Regular Ed Kindergarten with modifications and supports
  • Regular Ed 1st Grade with modifications and supports
  • Mainstream Kindergarten
  • Mainstream 1st Grade
  • GT Kindergarten (either full time or one day a week)
  • GT 1st Grade (either full time or one day a week)
  • GT Kindergarten with Special Ed modifications and supports
  • GT 1st Grade with Special Ed modifications and supports
At the rate he's progressing, I really think we can knock a lot of those options off the list. Still, it's a lot of choices for one little guy.  Thankfully, the people on Team Charlie rock.


It's not my fault.

First, there were 17 people here for Thanksgiving.

Then, I had to restore order and normalcy around here.

Next, the household interwebz died and it was a week before they resurrected it.

As a corollary to that, my school laptop is dead and my StupidPhone internet is wonky at best.

Last, my sinuses are angry again.