Planning Ahead

Charlie likes to plan ahead, perhaps moreso than is actually practical. He will save a sucker 'for dessert the next time that it is Tuesday and we eat macaroni and cheese' or decide that this toy needs to stay there until a certain child comes to play again (who may not come for months).

In June, we were driving in PennyVann and had this conversation:

Charlie: Why does Dixie always get the mail every day that there is mail in the mailbox?
Gretchen: Because it is her job. It's how she is a helper.
C: But what if I wanted to get the mail?
G: I suppose that would be fine as well. Would you like to get the mail today when we get home?
C: No, not today. (thinking) . . . What is the time that is before Christmas?
G: Christmas Eve?
C: Is that a day or a lot of days?
G: A day.
C: What is the time that is before Christmas that is a lot of days?
G: You mean November?
C: Yes. I think I will bring in the mail when it is November.
G: Okay. It can be your job to bring in the mail for the month of November.

A few minutes pass.

C: Is November a lot of days?
G: 30 days.
C: Does the mail come on all of those days?
G: Not all. It won't come on any of the Sundays, Thanksgiving or Veteran's Day. It will come 23 or 24 days, depending on how many Sundays there are in November. I have not checked.
C: That is too many days. Are there Fridays in November?
G: Yes, November will have 4 or 5 Fridays.
C: Okay. Then I will get the mail anytime it is a Friday in November.
G: Sounds like a plan.
C: Do not forget this. It is important that I have a job to do to be a helper.

I did not forget. He has brought the mail in three times now. I'm a little bummed we won't be in town for the fourth Friday in November--I failed to consider his heavy responsibilities while making holiday plans--but I'm betting Uncle Gary will go for his mail being brought in.