Proposal Story

I was asked yesterday how he proposed an realized I'd never put the story here:

I came home from work with a horrible sinus headache and fell asleep on the couch. He came over after work and looked disappointed that we weren't going out. I took a second dose of meds and told him to give me an hour. I napped it off and got ready.

We shared a meal at Red Lobster. Then, we went to a tiny Austin coffee shop so far off the beaten path that you have to drive down the railroad tracks to get there. There is no street. We got drinks and sat on the floor because the 20 seats in the place were all full. There was an 8-piece musical group playing and they took up about 20% of the seating area. The eclectic music featured both a trombone and a theremin. 

Then we walked down the train tracks to the historical outdoor plaza that is beautifully restored. Fountains and vines on archways and a gazebos. I sang a couple of arias and we danced to the music in our heads. I sang a couple of John Denver songs. But it was cold--November--and I needed to go back in. 

We were on our way back and I got to the line "I'll love you more than anybody can" and he dropped on one knee. "Gretchen, I love you more than anybody in the world. Will you marry me? Will you be my wife?"

I jumped and squealed and clapped and said YES!! and he said, "Okay, wait right here!"

I stood there, awkwardly, while he ran back to the car to get the ring (which was in with the gun) and ran back, dropped to his knee and said the same word again. "Gretchen, I love you more than anybody in the world. Will you marry me? Will you be my wife?"

My answer had not changed, so he put the 1920s white gold and diamond ring on my finger and I kissed him a lot! We walked back and announced to the crowd that we were engaged. 

Left and went to HEB to buy a bottle of wine. He grabbed a small bouquet of sad carnations from the black bucket by the checkout stand. Checked out two minutes before alcohol sales were done for the night. Went back to my apartment and called our parents. Fell back asleep on the couch after a third dose of sinus meds. 

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