Charlie has started his new school, but I have no idea how it is going, as he won't tell me about anything other than the bus ride.

Since I was out sick on Wednesday, I got to see him board the bus on his first day to ride it. He looked so tiny going up those huge steps with his backpack on.

(It also put a weird lump in my throat to see my kid get on a short bus.)

At the end of the first day, I asked, "Did you like Garcia's class?" and only got a, "Yeah."

At the end of the second day, I got to hear that, "The bus is bumpy."

At the end of the third day, "The bus is bigger than your PennyVann."

By the fourth day, we were back to, "The bus is bumpy."

Dixie is having a better week in school. She finally got enough good days saved up to hit the treasure box and is so excited! Her teacher was out, and the sub said she had to wait until Monday, but she's fine with that.

And Melody is reading her first chapter book.

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Anonymous said...

Your wonderful Christmas visit seem like only yesterday.

Glad Charlie-boy is adjusting to the new school.

Love ~ ~ Papa