Tonight, Melody came along while I got supplies to start birthday party preparations. In the store, she told me that it bothered her that only the girls in her class were being invited to her party. She said, "The boys are my friends, too. We play crazy games at recess while the girls are busy talking about . . . I don't know what."

Ah, what's another dozen hand-made invitations?

We went for some pizza at Cici's and chatted a bit. Sometimes it's nice to carb-load when Mr. Gluten Free isn't around. While there, I mentioned that Miss Mindy knows of a place here that's like the one Kris-Kreen worked at. If we wanted to start helping people again, we know where to help now.

Her eyes lit up.

Then we headed up to my school to make a few more invitations. While I was cutting things out, she found some loose change in my desk and started asking what we could use for a bank at the new house.

She's just so big. So seven-year-old-ish. And awesome!

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