really sick. again.

fortunately, as i am nearly out of sick days, one of the days was a weather day, one was a short day i could muster through and the other two are days with major scheduling interruptions.

i started allergy shots today. i get to self administer them, which i think i can handle. and, hopefully, they will restore my immune system and result in a healther, happier and, frankly, not cranky gretchen.

dixie is enjoying my  misery. she pointed out last night that my fever makes me a warmer snuggler. i breathed on her a bit, just to say thank you.

melody's very quiet. i asked, 'what are you reading?' and she answered 'greek mythlolo . . . greek mylthollo . . . i'm reading greek myths.' I told her auntie kelcy would be proud.

and this little gem is from last night:
charlie's running about the house, using his farts as jet engine power. with each burst of fuel, he is projected in a different direction with a spurt of energy that tapers off until the next arrives to send him in a different vector. with sound effects. 


Anonymous said...

Charlie must be a boy. oma

Ksagstetter said...

Auntie Kelcy is indeed proud.