Shameless brags

Dixie cartwheels so well that her instructor stopped the rest of the class to watch her and see how it's done.

Charlie can spell butt. Also mommy, but mostly butt.

Melody was chosen to speak at the K-2 assembly this morning. It was stuff she'd written about Texas and she was one of five children chosen out of all three grades.

We get her up, dressed a little less scraggly than usually and make sure her hair gets brushed. We get to school a few minutes early and sit through the usual perfect attendance and most improved before she gets with the other four children to speak. This is when I realize that one of the other children is, in fact, Dixie.

Melody's covered facts about Texas' statehood and government. I'd tried to change the wording a bit, but she steadfastly refused to say, "The Governor of Texas is Governor Goodhair," and instead chose the original wording, "The Governor of Texas is Rick Perry."

Dixie's contained the sentence, "The state tree of Texas is the pecan tree." Which, I'm surprised to say, was not followed with the sentence, "And my mommy's very allergic to pecans."


Unknown said...
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Shannie said...

She'll learn that his real name is Goodhair and that Perry was just easier for the voters to remember.

Anonymous said...

Three very smart and talented kids you have there ~

Love ~ Papa