Charlie logic

Remember when Charlie asked me if I would take off his shirt the next time he needed to punch a guy? After some confusion, I figured out he was talking about Wii Boxing. His Mii wears only boxing shorts for the game and being a character is very important to Charlie these days.

I bought him a set of summer-weight pajamas two years ago when I found them on clearance at Old Navy. The top is a t-shirt and the bottom is, essentially, a pair of boxers. They are white and grey with little airplanes on them. Since, despite turning 5 this summer, he shows no signs of ever outgrowing 2T, he has dubbed them his Boxin Pants and wears them at every opportunity.

I find myself arguing that Boxin Pants, despite the clever title, are not suitable for public wear. They're not even okay for the backyard. "But dey Boxin Pants, mommy. Dey are named pants and pants are otay for outside."

"You named them pants, Charlie. They are not pants, they are underwear," I rebut. "No one wants to see your underwear."

We've had this conversation for weeks. Today, he takes a new approach--wearing them inside out.

"Dat way, dey do not haff to see dem. Dey are inverted."


Anonymous said...

He knows the word "inverted"???? oma

Anonymous said...

On Sunday I perceived a noticable increase in his box skills ~ Papa

Cara said...

I love his wisdom! Too cute!