Breakfast FAIL

Dixie: Daddy, this french toast is spicy!
Mommy: How could french toast be spicy?
Melody: Water! I need water!
Daddy: The cinnamon all floats at the top. Let me give you one from the next batch.
Dixie: This is STILL spicy!
Daddy goes to make some new FT, leaving out the cinnamon.
Melody: Daddy, you put pepper in here! This bottle says pepper.
Daddy: No it doesn't, it says . . . oops . . . cayenne pepper. Well it LOOKED like the cinnamon bottle. It started with a C. Same color . . .


Lana said...

Too funny! That is one for the family history books!

What memories!

lana @ ilovemy5kids

Kristin said...

Oh my!!

DowlanSmith said...

They kept threatening to cayenne my food for several days. I knew they demanded satisfaction, so I relented my oversight intentionally a few days later so they could get me back.