More about the aminals

Melody, with her constant efforts to educate Charlie about the animal kingdom, has complicated his "What kind of aminal are you?" game.

Originally, we'd settle on an animal, he'd curl into a ball and hatch from his egg, then make little noises appropriate for that animal. He'd snuggle up a bit while he grew, then he'd learn to fly/walk/slither/hop and promptly fly/walk/slither/hop away.

Melody has informed him that not all animals hatch.

So now, the game has a new caveat.

Charlie: What aminal are you?
Mommy: I'm a cat.
C: Den I'm a cat, too. Do cats come fwom eggs?
M: No. They come from tummies.
C: Den I am not a cat. I do not come fwom a Girl. Dat is yuk. Yuk-kee! Pick a diffwent aminal.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Charlie - Even Mother Nature is picking on him!!

Love ~ Papa