The almighty dollar

Dixie decided a few weeks ago that she wanted a parrot. She wanted a pet she could talk to; that would understand her. She wanted a pet she could train so that, for example, her parrot could help daddy fold and put the laundry away.

She did not appreciate the suggestion that it would be far easier for her to help with the laundry herself.

After a rather detailed conversation about the cost of parrots she was unfazed, but, within a week of earning money, futility had crept in. Distraught at the hopelessness, she came to me with her troubles.

I pointed out that parrots are very expensive birds, but there are birds that are cheaper to come by. I mention that I'm fairly certain Oma still has a cage and that a pair of finches only costs about thirty dollars, plus another five for food and a nest. A far more attainable sum.

She's excited about the prospect and, wisely, recruited her siblings. So far, she's up to six dollars, but she keeps phrasing it in cents in the hopes that I'll be fooled and go out right that moment to buy birds on her behalf.

Most of the money has been earned via picking up trash in the yard and helping with laundry, but it's interesting to hear their money-making proposals. Melody suggested that I could pay her a dollar to not watch television, which I declined.

Later, I hear Melody's indignant voice drift from the other room. "No, Dixie, we will NOT go dance for people to throw money at us! There are better ways!"


Anonymous said...

Gretchen, See the movie'Temple Grandin" I thought it quite interesting on Autism. Aunt Effie

~Gretchen~ said...

I got to go to the premiere & meet her! it is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

what about a parakeet - you can teach them to talk. Grandma Jane

Jaime said...

At least you have the satisfaction of knowing that there are better ways to earn money than dancing for it at such a young age lol! Too cute!