What kind of aminal?

Remember when Charlie was almost three and wouldn't talk or communicate much and I realized that he would do anything if we pretended to be animals? After weeks and weeks of Baby Cat asking Mama Cat for food or a drink or to play, Baby Human figured out he could also ask for food or a drink. It was amazing because we could finally drop the infant-stage game of scream-and-guess.

Baby animals are back in a big way. Charlie doesn't want to snuggle, but Baby Animal wants to snuggle. Baby Animal knows that he only snuggles with his Mama Animal.

Charlie: What kind of aminal are you?
Mommy: A gorilla.
C: I don't want to be a gowiwa. Dey eat dere boogers. I am not hungwee for boogers wight now. What kind of aminal are you?
M: A cheetah.
C: Dey are not nice aminals. I want to be a nice aminal. What kind of aminal are you?
M: A hippo.
C: Dey have teef. [chomp, chomp, chomp] Huh. I don't want to be dat. I want to be a bird. What kind of aminal are you?
M: A crane.
C: Dat is not a bird. It is like a truck.
M: There is a bird crane as well.
C: Is it gween?
M: No. It is white with long skinny legs and some black feathers/
C: I only want to be birds dat are gween.
M: Then I am a green jay.
C: I cannot be dat. But you can be dat kind of bird and I can be a different kind of bird dat is gween.
M: Okay baby parrot.
C: Okay mommy gween jay. How do baby pawots get here?
M: They come from eggs.
C: Where is my nest?
M: Right here.
C: Otay. You have to sit on me so I will cwack and get bowrn.

This is where my snuggle comes in!


Anonymous said...

That's a lot of dialogue for a little snuggle! oma

~Gretchen~ said...

yeah he makes me work for it!

Kristin said...

LOVE that - Precious!!