Library books

I stopped checking books out from the library many years ago when I finally accepted that late fines and lost book fees exceeded the cost of the actual books.

Now, thanks to the magic of public schooling, I have small people checking out books that I may never see, yet am financially responsible for. It was bad that Dixie lost the second book she checked out last fall and didn't tell me until January. It was more frustrating that Melody lost a book that I could swear I saw recently, but can't quite place. But the icing on the cake is that Charlie gets to check out library books.

Charlie is an awesome kid with many fantastic skills, but library book responsibility is yet beyond his capabilities. What are they thinking?

I wish I could simply tell his teacher that this home contains no fewer than seven fully-stocked book cases. Two of them are in his room and contain books that are exactly the same level as the ones he brings home and loses. He reads multiple books every night. There is no shortage of books.

What there is a shortage of is the ability for Charlie to communicate what his book looks like, what it is called and where he had it last. Or that it is even missing. Or that there was a book in the first place.

This is costing me and I'm not loving it.


Tonya said...

At my kid's school, the library books aren't allowed to come home until they are in the 4th grade. That's crazy to let a preschooler bring a book home.

Unknown said...

You should be able to let the librarian know that you do not want your child to bring a book home.