And Now

Dixie seems to be Dixie. She came out of her stay with a few new insights, a desire to be home, a mild appreciation for her mother and a medication that turned her into a zombie.

Although her psychiatrist was on medical leave from surgery, she came into the office to see her. Spent an hour and a half talking to us about medications and options. 

Over the next few days, we weaned her off Abilify. Baby girl was so drugged on it that she'd nod off mid-conversation. Mid-word at times. I asked her to make Charlie a peanut butter sandwich while I was up on a ladder painting and it took her five tries to make a sandwich. Now, she's always been one to distract easily, but this was not because of a shiny object. She simply forgot what to do next and what she was doing in the first place. 

She had no sparkle. There was no Dixie in there. 

By the time she got off of that and upped an existing medication instead, she was just peachy. 

I had already planned a family trip to Corpus Christi, a solo trip to Chicago and church camp for the girls. It's summer. That's how we roll. After a lot of discussion, we decided to keep our plans. Corpus was amazing and fun. I'm in Chicago now. Dixie is at camp. 

And all seems to be well. 


Katie McCormick said...

Yay! Glad to hear your baby is home.

Wes Martin said...

You are amazing!!! :)