The difference of a year

There This time last year, I was just coming out of surgery. The morning I went in, I weighed in at 250. This was 30 lbs down from my highest. 

(Before pics are here http://adventureswithgretchen.blogspot.com/2013/11/before-pics.html?m=1 )

Today, I weighed in at 172. 108 down overall and 78 since I had gastric sleeve surgery 

There really aren't good mirrors for selfies in mama's house

Non-scale victories include:
Finishing a 5k

Taking a mountain hike wearing a medium-sized boy
And a fabulous day of roller coasters where I fit in all the seats 

Best of all, I feel like myself. I have my 'infinite, boundless Gretchen energy' back and can do all the things I want to 

And I get to do it while looking fabulous. 


Wes Martin said...

I meant to comment on this one:) Ok, here goes again:

tahj said...

Freedom! Way to go!

Ksagstetter said...

You. Look. Fabulous. I'm so proud of you.

KB said...

*two snaps up & one around*!!!!!

ck_tulsa said...

You look absolutely wonderful. So happy for you! In that roller coaster pic, your husband and kids are looking great too.