I know we've discussed this before, but

I am the best mother ever. Evidence?

For Melody's class

For Dixie's class


I have discovered that everything looks better when delivered in a basket:



Play-Doh was $10, 4 sheets of scrap paper were $2, and 3 packages of stickers were $5.

I already had the cricut machine, glue stick, red and green cardstock and two little helper girls.


Betsy said...

Holy cow! You ROCK!!

msguish said...

I've been thinking about making Valentines cards, too. Something about this time of year makes me cut out lots of hearts. Very cute, Gretchen.

Ksagstetter said...

You are such a bitchin' mom.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a World-class Mommy! ! ! ~ ~ Papa

adrianne said...

Can you teach me how to be that awesome?!!!

Laurel said...

Those are awesome! Wanna be my mommy?