In my dreams last night . . .

I was tickling Dixie and noticed a trail white outlining her hairline. When I looked closer, I realized that it was the velcro base showing. Apparently, my children's heads are covered in velcro and their hair is just an attachment. Dowlan and I were sadly not blessed with this feature.

They were beyond thrilled to discover this. The girls switched hair and played dress-up and turned their hair backwards and on and on and on. They looked so funny with the other one's hair.

Then poor Charlie woke up and it was his turn to have Melody's long blonde hair. Poor kid!

I only wish that, before I woke up, I had thought to put Charlie's hair on Dixie's head and say, "Look, kid. This is what is going to happen if you don't lay off the scissors."

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Betsy said...

lol!! Much better than my nightmare of me getting fired. :(