Now it's Dixie's turn to grow up a little bit

I came home for a few minutes between jobs today and she about knocked the door down trying to come tell me the coolest news from Kindergarten--she has a loose tooth!

She wobbled and wiggled it, asked for apples and crunchy foods and her tongue worked overtime all evening. When she grew wiggle-weary, she requested that I take a shift shifting her tooth.

It's still holding strong, but I'll make sure and get a pic once it is gone.


Anonymous said...

ahh--she's growing up too fast. oma

Anonymous said...

oh no - Grandma is going to cry!
Grandma Jane

Sasha said...

Will is crushed that he still hasn't lost a tooth at 6 years and 3 months. However, he is getting a new molar in the back on the bottom. He's not nearly as excited about that...

Anonymous said...

Good deal !!!

I hope she doesn't start pulling them with pliers once she figures out the exchange rate.

Love, Papa