Trust me, He says

It was a day of Found Things.

This morning, I took the girls to school. Dixie has learned some new information about her birthmother that I felt it was time for her to know and she has decided she wants to share this with her teacher. I was nervous, but it went well. It was helped that, right before we left, Dowlan found Baby Elephant. Baby Elephant used to be a very plush pink elephant but is now a very pilled and flat greyish elephant due to being very much loved and just happens to be one of the few special things from her infancy in her first home. We hadn't seen him in months and his presence made telling just a little easier.

After dropping them off, it was time to run errands. The post office no longer has their stamp machine, so there go my plans to use a $10 bill to buy a single stamp for the golden Sacagawea dollar coins that the tooth fairy needs to have on hand for when the wobbler finally pops

I go to the bank to put money in and realize that the pouch in my purse containing a few hundred dollars in cash and gift cards is no where to be found and, come to think of it, hasn't been seen since, errrrrr, Tuesday? I pull the cash out of my other wallet to put in the bank and am missing the $100 bill. Also, the lobby of the bank is closed and I can't go in there for fancy fairy funding.

I put in the money I have, realize my balance is no where near enough to cover the bills that need paying, and hear God's voice telling me, "Trust me. Just trust me."

Fighting the urge to begin ransacking my house in panic, I ask Dowlan, who is preternaturally calm in all things, to look for it while I sit still for a minute and try to stop the spinning in my head. He says, "Let me finish this thing in the kitchen and I'll get right on it."

While putting up some random toy food in the kitchen, he opens a door to the girls' play kitchen and finds my little pouch. No idea how that got there, but I have three small culprits in mind.

Moving some things between that and my regular wallet, I find the $100 crumpled in the bottom, where I know I had looked several times.

Thing found, trust worked.

Dowlan called about a letter he'd gotten in the mail from the unemployment office and, while he was on hold, the person noticed that his next extension hadn't been activated. We thought he was out of extensions. Unexpected money should show up Wednesday.

I also made it through the grocery store alive, combining sales, coupons and gift cards to bring $112 down to $27 and got a new cell phone.

All that before lunch time.


mjvaughans said...

Thanks for the inspiring story - it helped me remember to sit still and trust - especially during this busy, expensive time of year. My sister always says "More faith, less fear" and that is something I need to try more of! Love ya!

Alisha said...

I'm so glad for you! Times are scarey and your stories help me think in inventive ways to save and not stress (quite) as much. Just wanted to let you know that your blogs help me from going crazy...

Becky at "Cheese My Head" said...

For me, money is the hardest thing to let go and trust God with. But when I do trust, it brings the most amazing supernatural peace. Loved this post.

Amy said...

what a great post, and thank God for all your blessings.