Stoopid allergies

In adulthood, I developed a ridiculously severe allergy to pecans. Not peanuts or dairy or eggs or anything people are used to people being allergic to. Pecans.

I live in the south, in a state where the pecan is the state tree, where pecan pie is a religious experience and where pecans get put into everything. My parents have six pecan trees in their yard, majestic allergen-filled beasts that are over a hundred years old. In the fall, I don't go outside at their house for longer than it takes to go to or from the car. My kids have to wash up after playing and I make certain to never touch their shoes.

It's not so bad, though, being on guard a few days of a few months of the year. What really kills me (or comes close) is potlucks.

Yesterday, going through the potluck line, I very carefully inspected any and all foods before putting them on my plate. I asked about ingredients in the one small bite of dessert I had. I avoided anything suspiciously nut-like.

Even though I ate no nuts, I began to wheeze and feel my throat tighten by the end of the meal. I am sure some spoon got moved from one bowl to another or that I breathed something in.

It has been almost 24 hours since my first dose of benadryl and I am still breathing a little rough, coughing when I talk and itchy. My gastrointestinal tract is likewise protesting.

I'm also realizing that I can never, as I had always hoped to, live in the home I grew up in after my parents decide that they need a smaller place with fewer stairs and less yard maintenance. Not without removing the trees, and that would be a criminal act.

Stoopid allergies.


Jane said...

ack! You might want to avoid Eva's shoes from now on, too!

Cara said...

Oh no, hope you feel better soon. Allergies Suck!

jenn said...

Scary! My daughter has a nut allergy, too. It's so hard to navigate.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of cats. Grandma Jane

GeorgiaIrishPeach said...

You'll never be able to visit me in GA. We've got pecan trees all over our yard.