I'd forgotten

it is to sleep with two adults, three kids and two cats all snuggled up in the same bed, but after having a few days with just me and the cats, I was glad to be reminded. It was so nice to wake up to snuggling, even if I had to hop out of bed first and disappear.

I only have 3 days of this Pearson project left and the extra Census project Dowlan was hoping for didn't pan out. We're down to just Sylvan for a few weeks, but I'm hoping we can both get in more job hunting time during those weeks.

But what I'm really hoping for is snuggling in the morning, followed by green waffles and silly games on the living room carpet between trips to the park and the splash pad. I'm looking forward to homeschooling and Pianto Lessons (yes, that's Pianto, clarte?)

It also gives me a chance to get started on Charlie's independent evaluation and continue my hunt for an acceptable preschool environment for him, since the last one only lasted four days before we got the daycare version of the, 'It's not you, it's me' speech.

Oh, well. She's documenting what all went wrong and we'll add it to his files.

Right now, Charlie's asleep--after a day at the splash pad, he couldn't make it til bedtime--and a little stream of light is turning his Lellow Hair into a golden halo. His cowlick is waving in the breeze of the fan and he's clutching his green sippy cup. Sweet boy.

The girls are on the other end of the couch, watching Snow White because I wasn't paying enough attention to the length of the movie when they picked it not-too-long-before-bedtime. Oh, well. It's fun to hear them laugh at Grumpy and it isn't like they have to get up for school. Melody doesn't like Snow White, but is tolerating it for her sister. And Dixie is eating fresh cherries, annoyed that they have pits.

I told her, "Instead of being unhappy that some roses have thorns, you should be happy that some thorns have roses." She told me, "Mom, these are plums, not roses."


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Snuggy-Papa is jealous of all that sugar. . . . but very happy for you.

Love ~ Papa