Well, today at playgroup, Charlie remained clothed. His pants stayed on, even while peeing.

Other random bits:
Dixie has a new wobbly tooth and Melody has her first adult tooth peeking out of her gums, despite all baby teeth remaining solidly intact. Miss Mel is the only child I've ever known to figure out the tooth fairy long before actually losing a tooth.

Charlie was reevaluated at OT and now presents with only a 7 month delay in overall skills tested. His speech will be reevaluated in about a month. We are determining what his gymnastics placement should be in the fall--he has come so far this year, but we're not sure if he's ready to not have a parent with him in class. We'll try out the regular preschool (non-parent/tot) class in the next few weeks.

Charlie's been talking about words lately, mainly to categorize good and bad words. He'll try out a new word then say, "Is dat a gud werd?" When he already knows (and likes) a word he says, "Dat iz a gud werd."

And then there's all those pesky bad words, the most problematic of which is knucklehead. He really, really wants knucklehead 'to be a gud werd' and simply cannot accept that he can't get it into that list somehow.

Charlie: Is marshmallow a gud werd?
Mom: Yes, marshmallow is a good word.
C: Is . . . knuckle head a gud werd?
M: No, knuckle is not a good word.
C: Is . . . Hot Wheels a gud werd?
M: Yes, Hot Wheels is a good word.

C: Is . . . mon-kee a gud werd?
M: Yes, monkey is a good word.
C: Is . . . head a gud werd?
M: Yes, head is a good word.
C: Is . . . cawseet a gud werd?
M: Yes, car seat is a good word.
C: Is . . . knuckle . . . arm a gud werd?
M: Knucklearm is not a word.
C: Knucklearm is a werd. a gud werd. A gud werd like knucklehead is a gud werd.
M: Sorry, but that was an excellent try.


Linda P. said...

There is a sort of logic to his approach. Maybe he'll grow up to be a politician!

Anonymous said...

A word like knucklehead just rolls off a kid's tongue, and is probably just fun to say for a kid. After all, three & four year olds are learning new words each day, so a word that rattles from the mouth, and rattles the parents, has got to be twice as much fun.

Love ~ ~ Papa