And this little piggy

is about to go Wii, Wii, Wii, all the way home.

My punching muscles ache. My hula hoop muscles are strained. My obstacling muscles have over come the obstacle course, but not without cost.

Having spent my time at Pearson regaining every single one of the 30 pounds I lost last year, none of my clothes fit. The kids had the Wii out last week and I remembered my plan to Wii Fit my butt out of Plus.

So my little Mii fussed at me, but I got back to work on Sunday. I've been doing about an hour a day and it is kicking my butt.

The kids love cheering me on and especially love finding their Miis on the screen during my workout. During a particularly treacherous tightroping escapade, Melody exclaimed, "Look! It's Melody the Seventh!"

Come to find out, she had a hard time choosing a shirt color for her Mii. "I like all the colors, so I had to do something about it," she said of her creating 10 little animated Melodies. And she remembers each and every one of them.

Charlie loves it when I box and do kung fu. He stands in front of me, dodging my punches and getting in a few good swings himself. During balance games, he hangs on to one of my legs in a squeeze-hug to see just how good I am.

Dixie likes to control the Wiimote. She pushes A for me between activities and will 'accidentally' start something WAY harder than what I intended to do. Tonight she chose activity after activity for over an hour, but she also is prompt to deliver water refills, so I can't complain.

I just wish they made an extended, full-game version of both the kung fu and the step aerobics. I know they make better fitness products incorporating the balance board concept, but I'm not ready for actual fitness, just yet.

Right now I'm content to continue losing footraces to Melody the Fourth.

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Missives From Suburbia said...

Good for you!! I wished the same thing for the Kung Fu, boxing, and step aerobics. I will put the step on during a TV show and just let the Wii count steps for me. (I've also put the balance board on a three-inch piece of wood to make it more challenging.) An hour of stepping up and down is some decent caloric burn during a time when you'd normally just be sitting on the couch.