Here's what I did yesterday

Well, we. This is certainly not a one-man job.

My last day of the school year was Saturday and we hit the ground running. We got a whole-house water filter in, got everything clean, ordered doors for the closet, got hinges and door fixtures swapped out to be more Charlie-friendly, started packing for a trip and, oh, yeah, made a backyard wonderland.


Notice how the monkey bars lead straight to the trampoline? And, just to rub it in a little to you big-city dwellers, this takes up about 1/5 of our backyard.

I have a more detailed picture saga coming later, but just know that this came in a comparatively small box and included a 48-page instruction booklet printed, I kid you not, entirely in French. Not the kind of French you speak when you hit yourself with a hammer, not the kind of "It's all French to me" feeling you get when you first look at any assembly book. It parlez-vous'ed the francais. Fortunately, I parlez-vous en peu of the francais.

When I look to the left, this is exactly what I see.

Except there are monkeys on the monkey bars. Totally worth the blister on my thumb.


megaroonie said...

That looks like so much fun! Can I come over and play?

PapillionMom said...

Ok Melody, Dixie and Charlie I am jealous!!

Great job, Mom!!

Anonymous said...

What a great back yard you have. Nice work ~ Papa