Go Cheese!

The school I teach at (and Charlie attends) feeds into a high school whose mascot is the Chiefs. Today, the Chiefettes (cheerleaders) came and cheered at a pep rally at our school. 

On the way home, Charlie had many opinions about the cheerleaders. Most specifically, he was concerned about their choice of cheese as a mascot. Here are some of his reasons:

-cheese cannot 'go' anywhere, because it has no legs. Unless a mouse was carrying it--then it could go places until it got eaten. Still, this is not quite the same as the the cheese having legs of its own
-nobody doesn't like cheese, so it is hard for the other team to be against you. Even picky eaters can like cheese. Everyone has no reason to be angry at it. 
-how do you dress up for your team? 

Even after a point of clarification, the anti-cheese-mascot logic continued. 

-it is hard to have cheese in a parade
-cheese does not care about sports
-there are different kinds of cheese, and that could get confusing

I chose to not go into the whole Wisconsin thing. 

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