Barn renovations

Our 82 year old farmhouse has a 30+ year old 25x20 barn in the back. It's divided into a front work section and a back storage section.  We don't know exactly what year it was built, but I do know that Buddy Temple lost his bid for Texas governor in 1982.  

This is pertinent, as his campaign signs were used as drywall. 

Is what the back section looked like last summer. 

It contains things that either don't fit in our house or don't fit us anymore. 

Or things we simply did not care enough to deal with. 

At the moment, it now looks like this:

Big brother, daddy and all. 

By the end of the weekend, it should have a window there and a real door here. 

Because we will be throwing in shelving, work tables, an A/C unit and all my sewing and craft things. 

Woo hoo!


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I had no idea it would turn out so nice.

Good job decorating ~ Papa