Gee, I wonder where she learned sarcasm

Melody's first joke was at about six months old. Dowlan was snuggling with her, trying to rock her to sleep, and she was practicing taking her pacifier out and putting it back in her mouth. Her eyes suddenly light up like the cartoon light bulb and she slowly aimed her pacifier for Daddy's mouth. Daddy smiled, opened his mouth to take it and at the last moment she snatched it away, laughing maniacally.

So we always knew she had it in her.

She has always had a really keenly developed sense of humor, and you saw the SpongeBob joke she made up last week.

Well, Dixie was getting dressed by herself this morning and I told her, "Hey, silly girl! Your skirt is on backwards. You'll go to put your hands in your pockets and your pockets will be somewhere else."

Melody pipes up, "Yeah, doesn't that look genius."

I swear she didn't learn that one from me.