Signs you've been watching too much Lost

  1. You get a new headband that lifts the hair off the back of your neck and pulls your bangs out of you eyes and think, "This will be nice to have on the island."
  2. You see a bald man walking ahead of you at church and think, "It's Locke! He was one of the Oceanic Six?"
  3. You are driving to someone's home and aren't sure which road to take. Your eldest child pipe's up with, "We're about to be Mommy's favorite show!"

So the girls are fascinated with days, weeks, months, years. Melody was quite displeased with me recently when I wouldn't tell her what the weeks are named. It did make me wonder why the days, months and years have names, but not the weeks.

Specifically, they are concerned with August. August is really important around here. Charlie will turn two, Dixie will turn five, Dowlan wil hit the big four-oh, Melody will start pre-k, Dixie will get to move from the Faithful Fish pre-k class to the Shining Stars and the girls will get their bunk beds. So we have a daily discussion about what day it is, what month, blah, blah, blah.

While it generally centers on August, the girls were also quite eager for February to end. They were borerline ecstatic on Friday when I told them that, "Tomorrow is March." And then I threw in the real kicker:

Tomorrow is James' Birthday party.

James is an Important Guy around here. James and Melody have palled around since Melody first learned to walk. James' dad, aunt, uncle and I palled around when we were first learning to walk. And James' grandparents and Melody's grandparents ate ice cream together in college and did things that I'm probably not supposed to know about or mention in a blog designed to hold the memories of their grandchildren. When Dixie first came to live here, she was basically invading Melody's life. But Melody was fine with that. She was perfectly willing to share her mommy, her daddy, her toys, her room, her life--but she put her foot down when it came to sharing Her James and it has been a point of contention ever since.

So, I've announced that Tomorrow is March and I've announced that Tomorrow Is The Seventh Birthday of The James and you know what I get from Melody?

Instead of eager anticipation, I hear, "No, Mommy. Tomorrow cannot be James' party. Tomorrow is March and we have to march alllll day. We can't possibly have a party, because we will be too busy with all the marching."

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Multislacking Mama said...

Too cute! March is for marching!