The campaign propaganda is very effective

in the 'five and under' category.

Dixie: Mommy, who is Barack Obama?
Mommy: He's a man who wants to be president of our country.
Dixie: Why do they talk about him on the radio?
Mommy: Because picking the next president is a very important decision and you really need to think about it before you vote. The people on the radio are telling everyone what they think to try to get us to vote for the person they like. (Followed by basic explanation about voting.)
Dixie: So who else wants to be president?
Mommy: John McCain.
Dixie: But you're voting for Barack Obama, right? He's the best one.
Mommy: How did you decide that? Have you heard someone talk about him?
Dixie: No. I just heard him talk and I know in my heart that he wants to help people.

Yeah, I don't even know how to respond to that.


Maria said...

She's right...he is the best one. I always say that kids are smarter than most grown ups. Go OBAMA!!

Betsy Hart said...

I wouldn't know how to respond either. :)

Ksagstetter said...

That's one smart kid you got there :)

Anonymous said...

So, who WILL you be voting for?

Anonymous said...

That's adorable. Bless her, her heart is in the right place. Brilliant things that little girl is going to do.

Jeni said...

If only our world was really so simple we could pick the president like that.

Sweet girl you have there.

Anonymous said...

If Obama is elected then I think Jeff and Dowlan will be back to
their normal work and things will be better. They always are with a democrat in office. We had so much work (in the construction business) when Clinton was running our show : )

Wish us all luck miss Dixie!

Last night the RDH at my dental office asked her 4 year old who he wanted for president. He knew the name Obama, but said, Dr. J$%G
(our boss) instead. How funny!
And my boss doesn't even vote, sad to say.

Anonymous said...

She is so right Gretchen. The child is wise!

Diann from BTBBC

Anonymous said...

From JibJab's "Time for Some Campaignin":

"Gosh I'm so tired of divisive exchange,
And I've got one or two things to say about change.

Like the change we must change,
to the change we hold dear.

I really like change,
Have I made myself clear?"

Some of the funniest originals based on the 2004 and 2008 elections.

See everybody at the polls!