I think he's trying to tell me something

When I wash Charlie's face, he now screams, "Die! Die!"

I have no idea what he's really trying to say. But it sure makes a mommy feel good!


shaibaer said...

Maybe he's really saying "Dye, Dye!"

Have you touched up your roots lately??


You love me... you know you do!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking, perhaps, DRY!
: )

Anonymous said...

He is calling Daddy for help! Auntie

~Melissa~ said...

So I have a little guy, some age, who would be shouting "TRY TRY!" only it would sound like "Eye Eye!" so I'd think I was poking his eye out.

Good times.

~Melissa~ said...

Um that should say "same" age.

Betsy Hart said...

OMG!! LOL! THat is funny! I wouldn't know either... mine just scream. :)