Barter FAIL

I know a lady who cleans houses. She knows that I tutor. She asked if I would help her son in math in exchange for her doing some housework for me. I told her that, now that I'm working, I really can't keep up and Dowlan just can't handle the kids AND dinner AND the house, and that this seemed like a great idea.

My main issue is laundry. We average nine loads a week. It never ends. I used to have a really good rhythm going, but going to work every afternoon and then coming home to un-do the damage done in my absence is taking all my efforts right now.

So laundry for homework help. Homework help for for laundry. Beautiful plan, right?

Tonight, I go over to her house for my first hour and I realize, after seeing this woman's pristine living conditions that I can NEVER allow her in my home.


Betsy said...

Thats no good... :( It was good while it lasted though wasn't it??

msguish said...

Maybe she can just sneak in the back door to the laundry and then sneak out again without seeing the rest of the house?

Deanna said...

But look at it this way - if she's got a cleaning specialty and her house were a wreck, that wouldn't really be a good thing! ;)

Anonymous said...

That is why I can't have a cleaning lady! I would have to clean b/4 she came to clean and she would still think we were pigs!


Anonymous said...

well, at least you know she's good at her job!