Nicknaming gone wrong

Melody: I bought you a surprise while you were at school.
Dixie: Really? What did you get?
M: They are magnets that you paint. And when the paint is dry, you put them on the refrigerator.
D: Oh, wow! What is on the magnets?
M: I started to think you would really like a shark and a fish and an octopus, but then thought, "Dixie doesn't LOVE sharks like she loves octopusses. I will get her a fish and two octopusses."
D: Thank you, Melody! I don't like sharkies, but I love pussies!


Hippie Mama Kelly said...

Nice!!! I'd hate to hear her use that out in public!

Lynn said...

That's great. What I want to know is how you responded to that!

Cindy said...

You just made me giggle out loud. Thank you after a long hard day of helping to fill teeth.