Er, about that.

I just spent five glorious hours in the airport and no hours on actual airplanes, so I will not be going to New Mexico for my grandfather's funeral.

After the third flight left full, I was told that the fourth would have a few spots and that the fifth looked nice and clear. Only the fourth plane arrived broken and was going to need a two-hour delay. So they moved as many people with connecting flights as they could to the fifth flight. I might have been able to get on the delayed plane, but I would miss my connecting flight and wouldn't get on another one until after 10 p.m.

So I declared the game of Stand-By Roulette a loss and came home.

Instead, I think I will sleep a whole, whole lot, snuggle and tickle my kids and enjoy seeing the actual sun.


Betsy said...

Sorry you couldn't make it over. Enjoy your time with your children.

Anonymous said...

Glad you rested up. The church was SRO for the funeral, and you might have been stuck outside with the overflow.

Many kind words were spoken about you and your family.

Love ~ ~ Papa

Lori said...

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Maybe the universe thought you needed a break to spend time at home with the kids.

Sorry you had to waste so much time at the airport though. That's never fun.

Sasha said...

Goodness, how crazy. So sorry you didn't get to go to the services. Been thinking about you....