Trust her. She knows what she's doing.

Melody: I want to play the pianto.
Gretchen: It isn't a toy.
M: I know. I am not going to play it like you play a toy, but like a grownup would play it. Trust me, I know what I'm doing.
G: Oh, you do?
M: I know how to read the music and play the pianto.
G: I am not so sure about that. I mean, can you even say 'piano' without the T in it?
M: I could, bot eye yam speeking zee french. Clar-te? (pause) Do you know what Clar-te? means?
G: No.
M: Well, neither do I. But I know what I'm doing with the PEE-ANN-KNOW.


Rowdy Girls Mama said...

My husband and I can't quit laughing at this... 'well, neither do I..." Genius!

Anonymous said...

Let us know when ze conn-cert ees... we will try to be there!!!

Oma y Papa

Betsy said...


Aunt Rhody said...

Ze pianto gene runs le deep in ze familie.

msguish said...

I hope my kids have as much imagination as yours! Love you, girl.

mjvaughans said...

I'm waiting...Ha! Ha! So glad you could come tonight. Have fun with the post-it notes!! :-)