Well, isn't that sweet of them!

At my temp job today, someone comes by with a clipboard. Looks at my nametag, looks at the list and then tells me to go into the conference room. Other people slowly trickle in.

They start handing out exit interview surveys and the HR lady comes in and starts talking about paychecks. Someone asks what date she should put on the survey as 'final work date' and the lady gives today's date.


She babbles on and my friend Scott raises his hand to ask, "Does that mean we're not working after today?"

The HR lady says, "I'm not really the person who answers that question." She continues her babble.

We're looking around at each other, confused. Did we all get let go and they didn't even have the decency to tell us? Yep, that's exactly what happened. As an act of goodwill, they let us round up our time to the next hour.

I've never been fired from a job before, and this is the closest I have ever been. I hated every minute of this job in the last two weeks and was looking forward to it ending later this week, but I was also looking forward to getting paid for the next few days.


Samantha said...

Oh that sucks. I am really sorry to hear it!

Zannah said...

You weren't fired you were laid off. Splitting hairs? Maybe Makes you feel better? Heck ya.

Nikki said...

I understand!! I received a text message last week that I wasn't going to be coaching the soccer clinic I was asked to coach 2 months ago....$185.00 I was totally counting on! Very irritated!!!

Guess that means we can get together and play!?!?!?!

Betsy said...

Wow that is just special that they didn't even tell you!!

Anonymous said...

If that ever happens again, after you exit the room, take your shoes off and shake the dust off of them.

Taking nothing from that place with you but what you have earned is biblical, and empowering. I did that when I left Halliburton....

Love, Papa