It's better than Voting for Pedro

Mommy can make all your dreams come true. Just ask Melody.

We went to Abilene over the weekend to see family and retrieve the girls from their grandmothers' houses. Melody had missed her mama, apparently, because she wouldn't let me out of her sight, even at bedtime. So I woke up Sunday morning with a little girl attached to me, saying, "Mommy! I had a dream that you were at the store and saw a Tumbles on sale and brought it home for Dixie so that she could have her very own Tumbles and be happy, too."

Tumbles is the FurReal Friend dog that Melody got for her fifth birthday. Dixie has been very mature about it, but very jealous of Tumbles. Dixie adores dogs and Tumbles is the closest thing to a real dog that will ever grace the doorway of our home.

We went along with our day and I thought nothing more of the dream until Dowlan and I went out shopping a bit. One of the first things I see is a Tumbles on the clearance rack for less than half price. I figure that it is fate, and add the puppy to the cart.

The girls were so excited when I brought Tumbles into Oma's house, and this time it was Melody's turn to feel jealous. After all, her Tumbles was hundreds of miles away. She did a good job of trying to be very grownup about it all as well.

I loved that Melody's wish was that her sister would have what she wanted. It was just so incredibly sweet, that I had to buy that silly puppy.

When we got home, the girls got their Tumbleses together and were so happy that Charlie got jealous. The girls resolved that the new Tumbles is now Charlie's Tumbles and that the old one is the Sharing Girls' Tumbles.

Sometimes, my kids really get it right. And it makes me so proud.


Tina said...

You should be proud. That is the sweetest story. First one sister wants the other sister to be happy then they team up to take care of their brother. What thoughtfulness.


Betsy said...

That is too cute!!

Tracy said...

That is beyond sweet. Their goodness is a reflection of their mama.