Charlie and the ladies

Today Charlie narrowly avoided a second expulsion of the year.

One of my recent concerns has been that Charlie does not identify male and female correctly. He uses gender pronouns interchangably and does not seem to correctly identify the difference between boy and girl.

Well, I wish I still had that problem.

Charlie has discovered the ladies. More specifically, he has discovered a startling anatomical difference and spent a few days wanting 'to check for penis.'

Oh, boy. Boy, oh, boy.

Fortunately, by the time we made it back to school after the weekend, he had figured out that this was explicitly not allowable and had modified his approach and became rather curious about little girls' bottoms. This became particularly problematic in his classroom, where the little girls' pants stick out in the back as they sit in their chairs.

Yesterday, he put his hand down the back of one girl's pants at least twice. The mother and grandmother are not particularly happy about this, as one might imagine.

Although we got the point across that his hands absolutely do not go down their pants, he found a loophole and today was poking his finger on their butts through their pants. To him, that is completely different from what he was told not to do and he is indignant that he is being punished.

In the principal's office, we asked him several questions, including if he's touched any boy butts.  He replied, "I did not touch boy butts. I have a boy butt. I only touched little girl's on dere bottom.'

His teacher is none too happy, and I completely understand. Those girls need to feel safe in their classroom environment. However, since he is only there for eight more half-days, the principal did not feel that he was quite ready to be shown the door just yet.


Now, can we please find some other criterion on which to base our gender determination? Pretty please?


PapillionMom said...

Do you think he would be satisfied with just asking everyone he meets "are you a girl or a boy?"...might be offensive to some but can't be any more offensive than groping them :-/

Poor Charlie, I swear this is his world and the rest of us are just trying to get it right :-)

Unknown said...

Poor Charlie-he was following directions, just a little too literally! I wonder if you could come up with another way he could figure out the gender of people that would be non-offensive to everyone.

susie said...

We used to tell our kids that anything that is covered by a bathing suit is off limits for touching...maybe that would help?