Holiday at Home

When I called my family to say, "Hey, I know we were having Thanksgiving here and all, but I have mono," they decided that the groceries and motel rooms and yardwork they'd planned to do were all here, so they were coming anyways.

I love my family.

From the Wednesday the week before til Thanksgiving Day, I basically slept all day, every day. I worked some half days and halfway worked some full days and ate a few meals here and there, but I basically just slept. I even slept through most of my doctor's appointment. I gotta say, if I had to have this stupid mono, I picked a good time. I managed to have eight sick days with only missing two days of school.

Thursday morning, I woke up as people arrived, grunted at them and went back to sleep. I woke up long enough to eat and watch football, then went back to sleep. Friday, I was actually feeling well enough to stand up and tell people where to move my furniture. They swapped out what was supposed to be the dining room with what was supposed to be the living room. It's a lot cozier and roomier in here now, especially once we got the decorating for Christmas done. I got out of the house to do a bit of shopping and inspected the yardwork. Saturday I actually stayed awake all day, but I spent Sunday recovering.

I did manage to work a full week, but I kept my plans light and came home to go straight to bed most days.

This weekend, my in-laws came down for a few days and Dixie's grandma and uncle came to watch the girls perform with their cheerleading group yesterday. I overdid it again and spent most of today asleep, and I'm getting the idea that I might be this way for a few weeks to come as my body kicks this virus.

Now that all three groups of family have been through, it really feels like home.

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Anonymous said...

be careful--someone reported a case of mono that dragged on four years because she did not ever sufficiently rest and recover. nag nag nag oma