Early this morning

About 6:30 I had three snugglers in my bed and was immediately conflicted--I really, really needed to run to the bathroom, but I also really, really, really needed them to all stay in horizontal positions for at least another hour. I feared getting up and moving lest they follow me and discover their energy for the day.

About 6:40, it was time to risk it. "Stay RIGHT here. I am just going to the bathroom. Nothing interesting will happen. There is nothing you could possibly need to say to me in the next two minutes that you can't wait and tell me in, oh, two minutes. Don't move."

They didn't!

At least not out of the bed. I returned 00:01:48 later to find my mattress perimeter manned--one side by wall and the other three by child. In the moment I contemplated reentry or retreat, Charlie popped up his head and said, "I will move to make woom for you, mi'lady."

What a gentleman. He sits up, I crawl in, he lays back down.

I find myself in the center, stretching out when Charlie voices a pressing complaint. "Dere is a giwl in my stretching-out space." When you share the bed with two sisters and a mommy, that's a real concern.

Thirty more minutes of horizontal peace were afforded to all.

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