Technology attempted to defeat him

but he got through his interview nonetheless.

For some bizarro reason, his phone went straight to voicemail when they called this morning. He tried calling the number back, but it was not a direct line to anything. There was a helpful recording suggesting check his voicemail but no voicemail was left.

He called back the person he'd spoken with last week to set up the interview. She couldn't get through either, so she did the interview herself.

90% of the way through, his phone battery died.

When he called back he did include something about how you sometimes have to be persistent to get technology to work for you. I'm hoping she bought it.

He'd gone through the job listing the night before, taking notes on how he was qualified to do the things listed. Jotted down what experiences he'd had and how they prepared him for this job. Said he felt it went okay.

She said to check his email over the next few days for the next step.


shaibaer said...

At least she didn't tell him to check his voicemail! lol

KStarr said...

One of these days you're going to sit back and laugh at all of this...