Remember when I was stuck in California for three days?

I'm hanging out with those friends again, only this time we're in the Great State of Texas so I don't have to hang out at any airports.

not like this trip.

But since I'm one of the people with a car, I get to spend my time picking people up from airports and getting rather lost.

But I have no kids. And I get to tour HQ of woot.com today. And stay up late giggling with friends.

After nine straight days doing the solo parenting thing with the kids, I may try to figure out a way to get stranded in a different part of Texas for three days. Since Dowlan never reads my blog, he won't catch on.

But mom does. Dang . . . *waves*
I'll be picking them up on Monday, as planned.

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Janette said...

No FAIR!! Woot Headquarters?! I wanna go!!