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Watching my statcounter rollover is even more exciting than the time my high school boyfriend and I drove slowly down the residential street, camera in hand, watching the odometer roll over in his 25-year-old pickup.

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So Monday, as we were once again leaving for school in the dark, the girls argued over who got to hold Charlie's hand and safely escort him to PennyVann.

You know those signs they have in warehouses and other workspaces that read "This company has been accident-free for ____ days" and they fill-in-the-blank?

This household has been 911-call free for 5 days.

Part of this is because I've kept them busy with fun and riveting activities. Over the weekend we did absolutely nothing except play with Legos, play the Wii, go to the park, get new library books and order pizza. Now that Dixie's in advanced gymnastics, we get to spend even more time at the gym and that has occupied a good deal of our afterschool time this week.

But today they were getting restless, so I broke out the big guns. I packed a snack, loaded up PennyVann and headed off to the Shell station where we unbuckled everybody and piled in the front seat to enjoy our snack during the riveting entertainment of the automatic car wash.

At six bucks, it gets the pecan sap off and provides more suspense than most kid movies. So much cheaper, and no guilt about sneaking in popcorn.


DowlanSmith said...

What a 'movie'. I can imagine the previews.

"In a world where tree-sap covers the PennyVann- Where stir crazy kids cry out for good clean fun- Where a desperate housewife longs for a break from her Wii and logo bestrewn existance- Where can they turn for help?...
"To the 'Car-Washinator'

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy the sound effects and the 3-D action! oma

Anonymous said...

For extra thrills, run the wipers !!

Love ~ Papa