Dixie's Birthday Cake!

Her birthday was in August, but we waited until school started to have a party. I knew she was apprehensive about starting a new school and I felt it would give her a chance to make friends with the girls in her class.

Four of the girls came, along with two neighbor girls and some family members. It was a peace-sign theme. That was fun to work with.

The cake was not fun. It kept crumbling. But eventually, I had something decent to show for my efforts.





msguish said...

Someone told me the other day that if you make a cake using cake mix, leave out the oil and add an extra egg and it won't crumble. It just makes it more dense. You might do some research on that to make sure I remembered right, but thought I'd pass it on.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful Birthday cake for such a sweet young Lady !!

Love ~ ~ Papa

Delta Dawn said...

Cake is very cute! I'm not sure what kind of cake mix you used but from experience, I can tell you that my favorite cake mix is the Duncan Hines Butter yellow cake mix. It holds together pretty well in these types of situations. Instead of the oil, it uses a stick of butter. The batter is really thick and the cake tastes great! Worth a shot on your next one! Have fun!