Charlie's new fixation

is standing in the middle of a road. There's this one spot in our neighborhood that he tries to escape to, every chance he gets. I find myself running down the middle of the street, screaming his name while he stands expressionless, watching all the cars stop for him.

Last night, we went to Central Market, where he expanded this fixation to include the parking lot. At dusk.

I don't know how we're both going to live through his childhood some days.


Betsy said...

With lots and lots of prayer, and a wonderful mommy!

Aunt Rhody said...

Becky asked Jonah if he knew he had a guardian angel. He replied, "Yes, His name is Toby!" You'd better ask Charlie the same question. And don't forget the name, either!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just found your blog! I was just laughing because I am the SAME way with Target Clearances, grocery shopping, and gift giving! Great minds think alike. Also, your post about your crockpot had me cracking up because I am MADLY in love with it! Anyway, love your blog!