Suck up.

Charlie found a package in the back of the pantry. It was some stickers, those dye tablets for Easter eggs and the little octagonal wire dipper that you get in the little Paas kits.

Charlie loves octagons. His love for octagons is as fierce and irrational as his love for the color green and for Larry Boy.

He had to have the octagon. He starts demanding scissors. I tell him that he cannot have scissors and that the octagon needs to go back in the pantry. He changes his approach. He grabs my finger, pulls me to the desk and then pulls on the drawer, just in case I have forgotten where scissors can be found.

I once again tell him that i will not get him scissors.

He then bends one arm under his waist, holds the other to his side and says, "I need scissors please, Your Highness," as he bows.


Sally said...

I'm just too curious. What would he do with the scissors and the octagon? Does he like to do crafts?

~Gretchen~ said...

he cant actually use scissors. he would give them to me to use. i think he wanted the octagon to use to hold things in.

he'll scribble a bit, but isn't ready for crafts yet

he once had a forty five minute fit when we had to leave a doctor's office because he didnt want to put down the mickey mouse book. it had nothing to do with the mickey--he wanted the octagon.

Amy said...

That is hilarious!!!

Betsy Hart said...

ROFL!!! Love it!!

Unknown said...

that kid is beyond well trained, the bow had me laughing and the your highness is just PERFECT thanks for sharing