Melody is worried

that I haven't been married enough times.

M: How many times have you married, mommy?
G: Just the one.
M: That's all?
G: Yup. It seems to be sticking.
M: But that's no fun. Only a bride one time?
G: I always get to be daddy's bride.
M: Then why don't you wear the dress more?
G: Eh, it is hard to clean the kitchen in.
M: Why did you only marry Daddy one time?
G: It's all we needed.
M: Hmph.


Betsy said...

ROFL!!! I love it, "its hard to clean the kitchen in"

Samantha said...


Sally said...

It's so fun to see how girls develop and think. I'm pretty certain I will not have a conversation like that with my boys. Thanks for sharing! I love your blog.