Dowlan has a job interview tommorrow to be a Geek for Best Buy.

Charlie obsession with the color green has led to a deep attachment to a particular green spoon.

Melody told me, "I tried and tried to go to sleep, but my brain wouldn't stop and it's just hard."

I missed the exact context, but in a recent tantrum, Dixie declared that, "I feel like a part of me is missing!" I think it had something to do with standing in an ant bed.

I had a weird week at work and my throat hurts.

Schrodinger is perfect in every way. If I could find a camera, I'd show him to you.


Lynn said...

It's great to get the family update. Best wishes for Dowlan's interview! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well and that Dixie is missing a part of herself. As to Melody, I frequently suffer the same ailment. It was also nice to read about Baby Dragon and all the great things he is learning. You are such an amazing, creative, and dedicated mother! If only the world had more parents like you & Dowlan!

Lori said...

Is Charlie's obsession any particular shade of green or will any green do?

Best of luck to Dowlan!

~Gretchen~ said...

lol! fortunately, he isnt yet aware of the subtle nuance of shade

Betsy said...

GOOD LUCK! And sounds like all else is going well :)