I am madly in love

with my crockpot.

It is so very hot outside. It has been over a hundred all week, and will be for several more days. The humidity is around 85%. It's just brutal. And the last thing I want to do is turn on my oven.

So it has been the week of the crockpot. I got some preseasoned fajita beef for 1.99 a pound at HEB and threw it in there, frozen solid, for 5 hours on high. Added a cup of water. Sliced it up and put on tortillas.

Today I put in 3 lbs of frozen chicken breasts, a cup of barbecue sauce and some water. Seven hours on low, shred, add more sauce and put on buns with mustard and pickles.

My favorite is to take a few pounds of chicken and put it in with diced onion, green chiles and a large can of cream of chicken soup. Some water for good measure. Tear up corn tortillas and stir in for the last hour and then sprinkle in cheese at the end. It's like chicken enchiladas, without the effort.

Another favorite is a package of pork chops with three or four sliced pears and a sliced onion and some water (and/or applejuice). Salt and pepper.

What I have truly discovered is that the crockpot is forgiving of all cooking sins. Except for crunchy beans the day I didn't add enough water, I have never had anything come out badly, and I have been known to throw some really random combinations of things in there.

The best part? It frees me up during the worst part of the day. That 4-6 o'clock stretch when the kids are whiny and awful. They're getting hungry and they're bored and it is too hot to go play. The last thing they need is mommy's attention diverted for an hour.

I'd been really sick for a week and the house had pretty much gone to seed. I've spent the last two days between work shifts and internet breaks cleaning up and it's amazing how good it is for my sense of well being. Last night, I walked in from work to a perfectly clean living/kitchen/dining room with the smell of fajita beef greeting my nose at the door. It was sheer bliss.

It's funny how I never imagined myself as a suburban housewife, but it sure does make me happy, this life.


Anonymous said...

I think that Billy and I gave you that crock pot so glad that you are enjoying it.
Grandma Jane

Elisabeth said...

Check out the blog A Year of Slow Cooking at crockpot365.blogspot.com I've been using tons of the recipes on there this summer for the same exact reason, it's too hot to cook.

emma hughes said...

i agree totally with what elisabeth said! the year of slow cooking is awesome :)

will try some of your combos too!