Amazing Deals

Today I went to Walgreen's a few times. In seven transactions, I spent $22, got $85 worth of stuff and have $19 in register rewards to use at future trips. I'd take the time to explain it all, but my friend Christi at www.almoststealing.blogspot.com explains it sooooo much better than I could.

I got: 4 boxes of theraflu, 2 bottles of lotion, 3 tooth brushes, 2 chapsticks, some immunity booster thingy, and a razor with better technology that the early space shuttles. These are the things I got my money back on (or more). Thrown in there were some flower seeds for the garden, a gallon of milk and these mini toothbrushes that were making Charlie happy and quiet.

I'm going back for more later. This is like methadone treatment for the bargain shopper who is broke.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i'm new... expectancy to register nearly more time after time!