Sheer Genius, I tell ya!

Woot.com is one of my favorite sites. They sell one deal a day and when it's gone, it's gone. A few times a year, they make an exception and have a Woot-Off, where they sell products in succession until they get bored, offer a flying screaming monkey, and end it.

Today is a Woot-off.

Through Woot, I have gotten many fabulous and unusual things, ranging from my Roomba and MP-3 players to shirts for the kids that say "Yay! It's Broccoli!" and a solar panel for my PennyVann. Many offerings are useful electronics that are generally refurbs, overstock or last season's model, some are toys and gadgets that appeal to geeks, some to make shopping easier for dorks (they'll include product descriptions that inform you that it's almost Mother's Day, so buy this now so you don't forget) and then some things that are just bizarre, like the USB powered pole dancer that gyrates to your tunes.

This came up today during the Woot-Off:


For the mere price of 14.99 + $5 shipping (and tax for us Texans) you can have your very own snack-delivering robotic device. Intrigued by their brilliance, and always desiring to one-up them, I decided that I could use the remote-control feature of my Roomba, accessorize with a clever tray complete with cupholder and community snack bowl and have this built in bonus feature: it would clean up the crumbs from your last bite while delivering your next.

Top that!


firedancer201 said...


Sally said...

Very clever. I soooo need a Roomba! Now it could deliver snacks & clean up after the boys--- worth more than I realized! (I wondered what all the wooting was about)

sally said...

almost got a roomba on woot. guess I will keep watching because I convinced myself that I really, really need one. No time to vacuum and I have a crawling baby= need roomba!

BTW--let us know how the interview goes!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I can see Anthony Sullivan doing the infomercial! Throw in a free, handy wall mount (that looks suspisiously like one of those command wall mount hooks), and you have one heck of a deal.

Betsy said...

That is an awesome idea!!